Interested in 1 of these 3 topics?
  • Music theory
  • Music composing
  • Listening to instrumental music in 432Hz tuning

Then the following things I want to share for free could be interesting for you..

  • Weekly a new song on my Youtube-Channel and Soundcloud!
  • Live music jams on my Instagram!
  • Music theory lessons on another Youtube-Channel!


If you want to support me on Patreon I can spend more time on my music and afford better equipment to improve the quality. You can choose yourself how much you want to support me with. I´m thankful for every little contribution and appreciate even the smallest amount you afford! (:

As a little „thank you“ I make some extra afford for my patreons and present my content for music-lover and creator as…


  • Midi files from my Jams. Do you want melodic parts for your songs? You can use all melodies and ideas. (for Composer as inspiration, with scale and chord notes)
  • Mp3 files of my Jams. Want to listen offline to my music while on a walk or relax to it in the evening? (for instrumental music-lover)
  • A free Download in my shop (:


Create great music or just enjoy my artwork! (:



If you want to be up to date about my newest projects and more informations about my artwork. Also if you want my advice on how to easily start writing your own songs, no matter if you play instruments or can read music-sheets and the necessities. (: