It´s not easy to find me in the web! You´re genius!
Vale, I´m Tom and my purpose is to give people access to their infinitve intelligence and benefit through sharing my experiences and knowledge.
I simply feel  that helping people to a meaningful and healthy life is simply my way of having a positive impact!
And if you are interested in one of the following topics, you may found a perfect match.
  • Health (It´s all about Raw-Vegan-Diet. I don´t claim to be 100% raw-vegan and I don´t encourage to switch to it immediatly)
  • Growing as a person
  • Living an ethical lifestyle
  • Mental clarity
  • Spirituality
  • My Musicart-Gallery

Here about Phoenix Garden more detailed and a little present I share with you (:

You can just get the free „First-2-Months-Raw“-PDF and then unsubscribe, if you only are interested in the file. That´s totally fine. I´m happy to share with you my thoughts and hope that you can take something for yourself.
The purpose is not even to make you vegan or raw-vegan. Or to follow any other crazy diet you can find out there. Just to share my experience, give you a clear picture about the 2 months and what I experienced.



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