It´s not easy to find me in the web! You´re genius!
My name is Tom and my purpose is to make you feel better in those areas in your life that matter the most for you! I share with you my experience and knowledge, so you learn more efficiently and need less time for learning than I needed!
I simply feel that helping people to a meaningful and healthy life is my way of having a positive impact in the world!
And if you are interested in one of the following topics, you may found a perfect match:
  • Health + Ethic (It´s all about nutrition facts, food combinations and much more, not even necessarily vegan or anything)
  • Music-Composing + Theory
  • Gardening


About „Phoenix Garden“ more detailed (:

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– „2-Month-Energy-Meal-Plan“
– „How to write your first song“
– „First Steps to grow Plants“
and then unsubscribe, if you only are interested in the file. That´s totally fine. I´m happy to share with you my thoughts and hope that you can take something for yourself.
The purpose is not even to make you vegan or stop you from eating anything you like. Nor to follow any other crazy diet you can find out there. Just to share my experience and give you something to make you feel better in your life!



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