Hey I´m Tom!

I managed to get my ass up on the road and made a website.

With my travel music studio I just want to share with you my experiences, positive stories and good vibes through my music. (add travel-studio-picture)



I believe in Love/Peace and Good Vibes and love good music, like to see new places and meet new people!

So what is this page about? 

Good music + travel hacks!

If you are interested in traveling yourself and want to learn the language in the country you stay in, I can help you with:

  • List of most important topics you will face and how to prepare
  • 12 simple sentence to learn word structure easy
  • Questions to reflect at the end of the day.

You will learn the word order and build your own sentences this way to use it immidiately no matter where you are.


You attract what you are, think and feel!