You struggle with one thing until it becomes too painful to not change the situation. I knew I had to change something. because I didn´t want to go through this again. I was just too sensitive to food from this moment. People say: „Oh, Just appendix“, but the pain was so intense right before I went to hospital and after the surgery I woke up nearly every day with heavy pains in the area of digestive track. I just went on eating the all common meat-cheese-bread diet and every morning I had my own alarm clock waking me up. That was my body. After having that surgery my body became so sensitive to food. Every day for over a month I woke up with intense pain in the area of my digestive track. I don´t wish anyone to deal with this. And I didn´t want to have it as well. So I changed from „All-eating“ to a „highly raw-food diet“. (But I don´t say: „thats the only way and everything else will kill you“, but give tips for every diet you may eat and the advantages/disadvantages to this diet that you may encounter)

So that´s probably the reason why I´m so enthusiastic about this topic. Because I know that we are not just a meant to deal with our pains, but really can change something. And I think it all starts with health. That´s the basis of all. No health, no wealth.

  • After surgery I found by accident the book „Fit for life“ (link) that is reccomended in Tony Robbins book: „Personal Power“ (link)


  • I tried it and my whole digestion was perfect as long as I stick to it (it was all about combining different ingredient properly and eating food in to proper times)


  • Then I tried out more and more other things because I kept researching (like all this chia-seed, green-powder-stuff, goji, all this super-food blabla)


  • Digestion got worse, because I tried to implenent all of this and didn´t really care about combining food any more and didn´t follow the book. (But was vegan for a period of time. The book is not vegan or vegetarian, but to like 95% all of the recipes are)


  • Conclusion: Veganism doesn´t mean that you are more healthy, That´s just logical. You can be even more unhealthy in my opinion if you stuff yourself just with „vegan“ industry products that filled with chemicals instead of normal animal products. Or if you almost only eat sugar-containing products (which were to my experience the worst things I gave to my body)


What was the reason for me to switch to a highly raw-food diet (at least to an high extent). I told you that I changed a lot. And I didn´t just change without thinking about it very deeply. Most of the time I just stopped eating some products and added some others to see what happens. And I kept doing it and kept doing it. I had a great success with the very first change, my digestion became perfect, I mean really perfect. It was following the exact plan of this book:“Fit for Life“

And still I wanted to go even further, because I researched about so many other health-benefits of other food and ways of eating. And over about 2 years now of changing and changing my diet over and over again, I feel the best (long-term) with sticking to a highly raw-vegan diet. 

And yes, your body will react to changes of the diet, espacially after one that will clean your body from the dirt that accumulated over years of eating in an unhealthy way.

I will give to you for free a meal-plan with

  • 7 days-full meal plan with different options depending on your taste
  • the basics of food combining
  • easy exercises for everyone
  • breathing tequnique for the time that support your digestion   

If you want to read about it, just put in your E-Mail here. You will get the PDF-File immediatly. (Or by the time I finished it). Also I keep you updated about projects I´m working on. I have a lot of cool things in mind.

You can just get the PDF and then unsubscribe, if you only are interested in the file. That´s totally fine. I´m happy to share with you my thoughts and hope that you can take something for yourself. The purpose is not even to make you vegan or raw-vegan. Or to follow any other crazy diet you can find out there. Just to share my experience, give you a clear picture about the 2 months and what I experienced.

Here you go, it´s hard to miss it 😀